Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visual Pivot Placer v1.5

The image above says all. :)
Places the pivot of the selected object/s in one of the red colored circle.

For Editable Poly object/s you can place the pivot in the center of selected vert/s. edge/s, face/s.
Click with LMB on one of the red circle will tread all selected objects as one and the pivots of all objects will be in the same place.
Shift+LMB - every object in group or selection set  will be treated as a separate.
Version 1.1:
Now the tool will stay open until the "Exit" button is pressed or user click with RMB. This will allow you to select new object and change the pivot position without restarting the script. Watch the second video.
Version 1.2
some bugs are fixed
Version 1.3
fixed bugs:
 - select object when pressing the button
 - select hidden object
Version 1.4
- 3 types of pivot points cage - world BBox, local BBox(idea by @TitusLVR ) and dimension BBox.
- RexetXform and convert to Editable_Poly - idea by @tomastnt
- Shift+slecet another object will put the pivot of object to pivot of the selected objects
Version 1.5
 - RexetXform and convert to Editable_Poly - idea by @tomastnt
Drag and drop mzp file in 3ds max. Go to Customize - Customize user interface - "miauu" caegory and look for "Visual Pivot"


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