miauu's Live Measure Pro

  miauu's Live Measure Pro provides several options for measuring various aspects of your scene - distances, areas, lengths, angles, sizes, axis difference, volumes, radius, diameter. 

  • Each measurement can be controlled separately. 
  • Export all measurements as a .txt file.
  • Add custom notes to each measurement. 
  • Display custom text in the viewport for each measurement. 
  • Manual update or update in real time.
  • User defined colors and captions for the measurements.
  • Color coded.
  • The measurements are always facing the viewport/camera. 
  • Can keep track of your dimensions.
  • Save and Load all measurements with your scene. This will saves you time and the time of your colleagues. 
  • Fully functional mini UI.
  • Resizable UI 


Works best when the display driver is Nitrous(3dsMax 2012 +)

Known Issues:
  • In 3ds Max 2009, 2010, 2011 the measurements in the viewport can flicker.
  • In 3ds Max 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 the special signs as degree, angle may not be shown properly.
  • In 3ds Max 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 the Area and Volume will be shown as "m2" for square meter and "m3" for cubic meter.
  • in 3ds Max 2012 the Pixels on Screen measurements are not supported
  • In the .txt file with exported measurements some of the special signs as cubic meter, square meter,  angle will not be shown properly.

The measurements, that are visible in the viewport can't be rendered.







You can use miauu's Live Measure Pro in  3dsMax/Design 2009 - 2021


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Buy miauu's Live Measure Pro for €6.00 


In the next 24-36 hours you will receive an email with download instructions to the email used to purchase.



  1. Alexander(...91@vodafone.de), please send me an email to miau_u@yahoo.com.

  2. I've following your work from the begining, you are good!
    I will buy one copy from measure tool.

  3. Does this script allows to measure angle between two polygons? Thank you!

    1. Direclty - not. You can turn On Snap On Face Center and then measure the angle between faces. But this can be added to the script. By "angle between two polygons" your mean the angle between their normals? Or you mean something else?

  4. Yes, between their normals. With Snap Center it`s inconvinient(.
    I need to measure between two polygons in case that it`s polygons of different Editable Polys.

  5. OK. I will add this to the next version of the script.
    Thank you for suggestion.

  6. Point to point measure didnt updated when I move the object . Also miauu, can you make the web completly english , I see in this box comment still in russian or so , please could you change that.


    1. P2P measure not works because when you use SNAP to pick points of boundingbox there is no faster way to get the object which bbox you use.
      Because of this p2p is only static.
      I will try to make a workaround. Can you send me mail to miauu_u@yahoo.com, so when the test version of the modified LMP is ready I can send it to yo for testing.
      About the comments on russian and other languages - I can't stop anyone to write in language he wants.

  7. Little bug:
    select measure [object --> live measure right click] on the sub object level that the object added some modifer, it cause error [runtime error: sub object out of range...]

    another thought: instead minimize n close how about adding hide dialog , with that I can have clean max UI but live measure didnt disappear , macroscript [live measure] must detect the window hide or not , so I can unhide or hide it using it.


  8. How about my idea about the dialog idea? is it doable?


  9. Hi Kostadin Kotev, I payed for the script but forgot to write that I use 3dsMax/Design 2012(

  10. Hello, I'd like to know if I can explort the list of the measurements out to a comma delimited file.

    1. No. This is not included as an option. Can you send me a sampe files, one file with measurements as they are in the LMP UI, and the comma delimited file.
      I can try to add this option to the script.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. hey, how many workstation can i install the script?

  13. Saludos, te envie el dinero, ya te escribir a tu correo, por favor revisalo.

    Greetings, send you money, and you write to your email , please check it.

    1. Hi!

      I've sent you the installer few hours ago at this email: pagossxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xxx

  14. The best script for architect for 3ds max!!!!!!
    Thanks for your work!
    I am an instructor and vfx rendering, and you always do a lot of publicity!

  15. Hi, is there any option to make text size in viewport a bit bigger?
    I'm using 17" fullHD laptop and info in dialog window looks good, but in viewport it's just to small.. :(

    1. No. The size of the text can't be changed. This is limiattion inside 3dsMax.

  16. Is it possible to render with dimensions?

  17. Does this support inch and feet?

    1. Yes, but since I use metric units I can't tell you which measurements will work properly with inches and feets.