Sunday, October 16, 2011

Magic Hotkey v1.0

One hotkey that can execute multiple commands.

Depends of subobject level this script will execute different commands.
In Vertex subobject level:
 - if 0 vertex is selected will turn on the Cut tool
 - if 1 vertex is selected will turn on the Targed Weld

- if 2 or more vertices are selected will connect them
 In Edge subobject level
  - if 0 edge is selected will turn on Create edge tool (create edge from vert to vert)
  - if 1 edge is selected will insert vertex in the middle of the edge and turn on the Vertex subobject level
  - if 2 or more edges is selected: if bridge operation is possible will bridge edges, otherwise will connect edges
 In Border subobject level
  - will Cap border
 In Polygon subobject level
  - if 0 polygons is selected will start the Create tool
  - if 1 or more polygon are selected will extrude them
 Feel free to change the default commands with supplied ones(watch the video) or with max2010 and max2011 commands, but remember that in any subobject level
 in any count of selected verts/edges/faces only one command can be valid(uncommented). Any others must be commented or deleted.
Drag and drop in 3ds max or use Maxscript->Run Script. Go to Customize->Customize User Interface. Under "miauu" category you will find the "Magic HotKey".

The and  1_2  was requested in my youtube channel. It will start miauu's Edge Cutter script instead of regular connect when 2 or more edges are selected.
Version Requirement: 
 9 and up


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