неделя, 16 октомври 2011 г.

Step Gap Vert/Edge/Poly Ring (like modo selection) v.1.0

Modo selections style in 3ds max. Assign a hotkey(or button), select 2 verts/edges/faces woth desired gap between them and start pressing your hotkey. :)
Instalation: Drag-n-drop StepGapVEPRingLR.mzp and StepGapVEPRingLR.mzp in 3ds max. Go to
Customize - Customize User Interface. Under "miauu" category you will find "Step Gap VEP Ring Left-Right" and "Step Gap VEP Ring Right-Left"
Big thanks to Anubis for his help.
Version Requirement: 
 3ds max 9 and up

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