четвъртък, 27 март 2014 г.

miauu's Batch Load xRef Scenes

Batch Load multiple xRefs scenes at once.

- Only the scenes, whose checkboxes are turned ON will be loaded.
- The Get Directory button allows you to select all MAX files in the selected folder. If the folder have sub-folders the script will ask you if you want to load MAX files in the sub-folders.
- The Get File(s) button allows you to select MAX files. Multiple selection is available - you can open a folder and select several files at once.
- When you click on the file name in the list with right mouse button, the folder where the file is placed will be opened in the Windows Explorer.
- When you click on the file name in the list with middle mouse button the file will be removed from the list.
- Show Full Path checkbox allows you to see the full path to the files or only the name of the files(by default the names will be shown).

Script idea: Bruno Lopes - http://www.3dbybrunolopes.com/

събота, 22 март 2014 г.

Change Viewport Statistic

With this script you can change the Viewport Statistic fast and easy without going to the Viewport Configuration Dialog.

Script idea: Eric Chadwick

сряда, 12 март 2014 г.

Compact - Slate Material Editor Toggle

A pretty simple script that changes the Material Editor from Compact(legacy) to Slate and vice versa.
When it is assigned to a button, the button will stay pressed if the Compact Material Editor is active. When the button is not pressed - the Slate Material Editor is active.

Idea: Haider of Sweden.

понеделник, 3 март 2014 г.

Show Active Constraint

     This script will show in the left corner of the active viewport the currently used(active) Cosntraint type. It supports Editable Poly object and Edit Poly modifier.
The script works as a toggle.
Put miauushowactivecosntraintinviewportStartUp.ms in maxroot/scripts/Startup folder so the constraint always shows.

You can install only the miauushowactivecosntraintinviewportStartUp.ms. This way the script will be always active during the current max session.
If the miauushowactivecosntraintinviewport.mcr is installed, you can control the startUp script with it.

Requested by Haider of Sweden in this thread